Features Overview

The EZ Learner App allows you to train implement a machine learning pipeline on your own without using a data scientist. The intuitive user interface walks you through the process of loading your data, exploring the data set and cleaning it and training your own machine learning model. Once training is complete, you can predict using your new data! No coding required!


The Power of Ensemble Machine Learning With No Code

Our app is designed so that anyone can build a machine learning ensemble model. An ensemble model is a collection of different machine learning models that are combined to improve predictions! These are often complicated to code, but the EZ Learner App performs ensembling at the click of a button! This app is not only for non-data scientists, but can be used by data scientists or statisticians to quickly evaluate models. 

A Process Driven Interface

The EZ Learner app is designed to walk you through the machine learning process. It starts with uploading your data and inspecting it. The app will tell you if your data needs to actioned to take care of missing values. Then you can perform exploratory data analysis. Next, you train your model and possibly retrain using different combinations of variables and models until you find the best performing model. 

Save Your Model for Later and Generate Predictions

When training your model is complete, you will have spent some time to find the model that best fits your data. However, once you are happy with your model, there is no need to ever retrain. Simply download your model for use later. Next, you can upload new data for prediction. The app will then generate predictions based on your trained model. While the default interface handles file uploads, the app can be extended to integrate directly into your company's infrastructure!

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