We believe all businesses should have access to world class analytics and artificial intelligence. Small businesses need data and artificial intelligence more than larger businesses due to their limited resources. We offer multiple services specifically priced and tailored for small businesses.

Self-Service Analytics

Our EZ Learner App allows anyone to quickly implement a machine learning pipeline. Users can upload their own data, create a machine learning model and predict data all in one package. 

The EZ Learner app does not require the user to understand the difficult concepts of machine learning and does not require anyone to write a line of code. The app will help select a combination of models to use and return the best possible model. The user can also select specific models and clean their data sets.

Imagine predicting what samples to send customers, project the revenue of a new product or optimize your inventory with the power of data science without having to hire a data scientist!

Photo by maxkabakov/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by maxkabakov/iStock / Getty Images

Scientist Sharing

Sometimes you are not sure how to do it on your own and you need some help. You can hire a data scientist for $150,000 a year, but you do not have that kind of capital so you decide just to give up on data science...

Well no more!! Now any business can have a data scientist with our Scientist Sharing program! 

Scientist Sharing works similar to Uber and other share programs where a business or user can hire a data scientist for a few hours to help them solve a data problem. There is no hiring costs or salaries to upkeep. A business can hire a data scientist once for a few hours or rent one continuously with a set weekly or monthly budget! By sharing a scientist with many other businesses or users, the cost of data science comes down and anyone can have their data problems solved!

Online Training

Some businesses are more interested in developing their employees and creating a data science competency for their business. 

To help facilitate the competency of data science for everyone, we offer high quality online training programs priced for the individual user. These courses are hands on and aims to equip the user with software skills in programs such as R and Python, but also properly teaches data science with an aim of helping the user understand the math and theory. Most programs ignore this. 

Our hands on training programs leaves the user with a thorough understanding of data science and machine learning, They can take these skills and immediately start applying them to your business.